Work for creative field
Free web service for professionals and employers of creative fields
Free web service for professionals and employers of creative fields

Work for all is a recruitment website and work marketplace for professionals of cultural and creative sector and performing arts. The service is free and open for everyone working in creative fields, as well as employers in Finland and abroad. Access to the service requires signing up and a functioning e-mail address.

Employers can upload job advertisements and look for professionals in the database.

Employees can browse through the advertisements and offer their own contribution in their profiles, where links to other websites can also be included.

 In the portal you can:

  • look for employees and upload job advertisements
  • become more familiar with the work of professionals
  • look for jobs
  • offer your own know-how
  • get to know the essential contents of Finnish labour legislation

Users are in charge of creating and updating their personal profiles. The information provided in the profile should be professional and truthful, and copyrights must always be respected. All offensive or illegal content will be removed by the administrator. The administrator of the website is the Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme), 

Work for all is a service developed and executed by Teme and Iwa Labs. 

   Ministry of Education and Culture have supported financially Work for all recruitment website.